KS3 Courses

These courses will be webinar style. This means I am the only one talking, there will be no cameras or microphones on except mine. The students will be able to chat to me via the chat box system, but not with each other.

Each lesson will have a worksheet to go with it, there will be no homework set. There will be an optional assessment at the end.

Geography - India

Mondays 2-2.50pm

£18 for all 6 lessons

1st March - A Tour of India
8th March - An Emerging Economy
15th March - Energising India
22nd March - A Democracy of a Billion
29th March - Population Growth
5th April - Megacity Study: New Delhi 

India is the second largest country on Earth in terms of population and as such is a significant player on the world stage. As an ex-colony of Britain, the culture of both India and the UK are closely linked. This course focuses on human geography topics to try and work out how India functions in the modern world. 


History - The Rise of Hitler

Mondays 3-3.50pm

£18 for all 6 lessons

1st March - The Treaty of Versailles
8th March - The Weimar Republic
15th March - The Great Depression
22nd March - The Munich Putsch
29th March - Mein Kampf
5th April - Election of a Monster

As one of the most recognisable names of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler's later life is well known. But how did he get into a position to declare war on the world? We will examine the threads of economics, politics and hatred that led this man to become the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany.